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Do you know an 'Angel' when you see one? They come in small packages as well. They touch your life and heal you in a way that you may not even realize. I know of one such angel, a little Pug named Jeanie who helped a little child learn to walk. Today i will be sharing her story.

Jeanie is frisky little Pug, from our Therapy dogs team in Pune. She is full of life and reminds us of how infectious the joy of an animal can be. She can make everyone around her smile, even if they are not dog lovers . She loves children and plays with the children from her building in the garden every day. She has this one friend, a child who was very different from others. This child was born with Downs Syndrome and even at age 2 1/2 years, he was not able to walk. But he adored Jeanie and would squeal with joy every time he would meet her. Jeanie was roped in to be his Therapy Dog and help him learn to stand up on his own and walk. This boy was already undergoing many other therapies but the prog…