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Early days - My training as a therapy dog

My training as a therapy dog started at a very early age. Minal took me home when I was 3 months old and I was staying with her for my training as a ‘therapy dog’. When pups of my age are busy tearing paper, pooping in the house, chasing their tail, chewing on shoes, I was learning human emotions. I was learning to ‘communicate’ with Minal with the help of certain hand signals. She taught me how to greet new people, not by jumping but by going near them and waiting for them to pet me. I learned that children were eager to play with me but if I ran towards them out of excitement, they would get scared. I learned to be gentle around children. They would sometimes pull my tail or lift me ears or try to hold up my paw to ‘shake hands ‘. Minal taught me that this was not something that I should be scared of. The most difficult thing was to learn to wait till a teat was given to me by a child or till a child threw a ball at me. Children would just hold the treat above my head and dangle it.…