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My Journey

Many say a pet dog's life is easy. You get everything ready in your bowl, you don't have to hunt or search for food. You make cute faces and you get extra treats when humans are eating. You get to sleep on the sofa rather than on the floor or you doggie bed. You get pampered and cuddled and liked by all. A therapy dog's life is a bit different than that. We do get all this coz we are living with families who have raised us like their own children. The only difference probably is that we are a bit more responsible. We understand what humans want from us, even those who cannot say it.

Though I am a happy and secure therapy dog today, my journey has not been simple from my mother to my current family. I had to go through a lot, like gold has to go through fire to shine. As a puppy I was taken and trained to be a therapy dog for a small child who could not talk and express himself. It was planned that I had to stay with his family as a companion for him. It was all good till th…