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“Speaking of Humans” Leash Walking - From the Dog’s Point of View

This is just something from another site, but it is soooo true. Walking with our humans is supposed to be the most enjoyable experience for us dogs. It means more than 'just walking' or ' going out for a pee' for us. When we as pups learn to walk with our humans, we develop a strong bond (depending on how they walk with us). A confidant owner who does not pull the dog, trusts the dog, lets him sniff the place, lets him meet and play with other dogs; will never have a problem walking their dogs. I am one of the fortunate dogs who get to walk without a leash. Read this little piece on what we dogs really go through when our people do not understand our need while walking.
“Speaking of Humans” Leash Walking - From the Dog’s Point of View We called a few dogs together to discuss how they felt about walking on a leash with their humans. We got some interesting feedback from the other end of the leash.
“My dad is always upset with me on our walks. He keeps pulling on my leash…

Therapy dogs of Mumbai

Many dogs like me are trained to pick up the newspaper from the front door in the morning. But how many dogs get to see their photo in the paper? I am one of the lucky ones who is featured in a leading newspaper ' Mumbai Mirror'. But its not just me, my other team mate, my fellow therapy dogs who are providing comfort to those in need, all through Mumbai are also featured in this article. We are Animal Angels Foundation - Therapy dogs team, Mumbai.

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I heard my mom (my human mom - Mrs. Srivastava) saying that she was proud of me and that she has kept the cuttings of all the articles that I have been featured in till now. I don't really see the point of newspapers, as we dogs just bark and or wag tails to spread the news and lick or sniff to get the latest news. My fellow therapy dogs - Coco, - a handsome Lab, Oscar - a gorgeous Golden Retriever, and Aekon - a dashing chololate Lab are also featured in the article.

Cocois one of our new team mates…

Naughty Enough For 50 kidsNaughty

One of my friend Naughty turned 3 years old this 25th of December. Naughty - What a name! As pups we all are naughty, but with a name like that, you get a license to be Naughty all your life.

Contrary to his name, Naughty is an example of understanding and compassion. For 50 HIV-infected children who have been distanced from society or orphaned at a young age, he is a strong anchor.But he is no psychologist or counselor. Naughty, a Labrador mix is a trained therapy dog specially deputed at Manavya, a home for destitute and orphaned HIV infected children at Bhugaon on the outskirts of Pune.

Naughty was from the litter of Pune's first therapy dog - Sophie. She was a very loving and energetic Labrador. Naughty was the naughtiest of all pups and that's how Minal named him. All the pups found homes except for Naughty. Minal then decided to train him as a therapy dog for an orphanage. This was not just any orphanage. This was a place called Manavya where kids who were …