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Naughty Enough For 50 kidsNaughty

One of my friend Naughty turned 3 years old this 25th of December. Naughty - What a name! As pups we all are naughty, but with a name like that, you get a license to be Naughty all your life.

Contrary to his name, Naughty is an example of understanding and compassion. For 50 HIV-infected children who have been distanced from society or orphaned at a young age, he is a strong anchor.But he is no psychologist or counselor. Naughty, a Labrador mix is a trained therapy dog specially deputed at Manavya, a home for destitute and orphaned HIV infected children at Bhugaon on the outskirts of Pune.

Naughty was from the litter of Pune's first therapy dog - Sophie. She was a very loving and energetic Labrador. Naughty was the naughtiest of all pups and that's how Minal named him. All the pups found homes except for Naughty. Minal then decided to train him as a therapy dog for an orphanage. This was not just any orphanage. This was a place called Manavya where kids who were …