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Therapy dogs of Mumbai

Many dogs like me are trained to pick up the newspaper from the front door in the morning. But how many dogs get to see their photo in the paper? I am one of the lucky ones who is featured in a leading newspaper ' Mumbai Mirror'. But its not just me, my other team mate, my fellow therapy dogs who are providing comfort to those in need, all through Mumbai are also featured in this article. We are Animal Angels Foundation - Therapy dogs team, Mumbai.

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I heard my mom (my human mom - Mrs. Srivastava) saying that she was proud of me and that she has kept the cuttings of all the articles that I have been featured in till now. I don't really see the point of newspapers, as we dogs just bark and or wag tails to spread the news and lick or sniff to get the latest news. My fellow therapy dogs - Coco, - a handsome Lab, Oscar - a gorgeous Golden Retriever, and Aekon - a dashing chololate Lab are also featured in the article.

Cocois one of our new team mates…