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Its a four !!!

I heard Minal reading a few lines out of a book she had found interesting - " The Human Half of Dog Training" by Rise Van Fleet. " Dogs live with people. Dogs depend on people. Like it or not, for the overwhelming majority of dogs, this is the reality. Some people train their dogs to live comfortably in the human world; others simply expect dogs to figure out on their own." She told me how people sometime go wrong in establishing good communication with their pets, even if their intentions are good. She told me how lucky I was to have such a loving and understanding family. An ideal pet-owner relation is the one where there is good communication - both ways. I may just whine or bark, wag my tail or lower my eye and my human mom or my best friend Minal understands me. I do the same for them. I have met people who wonder, who are surprised at the level of understanding between us. But when you know how to communicate, it does not matter if there is one dog of four d…

Spark the Rise - Vote for Animal Angels

Animal Angels Foundation is participating in the “Spark The Rise” competition, which offers substantial financial aid to projects that win the monthly voting contest. We request you to cast your vote for our project. This will go a great distance in helping us spread joy happiness and comfort with the help of our four footed therapists.

Animal Angels Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, India 's only one working to promote the benefits of Human Animal Interaction. Animals are since a long time known for their unconditional companionship and healing qualities. Our team of pet owners, volunteers, therapists and trained therapy dogs reach out to those in distress and provide them comfort.

Since the past nine years the Animal Angels teams have been spreading joy and laughter to more than 10, 000 individuals, over 50 special schools, hospitals, institutes. 

To vote:
You can log on to and vote for "Animal Angels Foundation - Animals for Human Wellne…

Mom I want to be a therapy dog when I grow up! - Pepe interviewing her idol Goldie

As the first face and mascot of Animal Angels I will be passing the baton on to Pepe, one of gorgeous young and promising therapy dogs in training. A one year old golden retriever, she is born to therapy dogs blond mom Kiara and dad Scotty. As Pepe starts to walk in my shoes, she has so many questions running through her head. She shoots some off to me and I try and answer them patiently. Excerpts:
You are my hero Goldie. How long have you been a therapy dog? It will be seven years in March 2013! I began training with Minal when I was two month old. It seems like such a long time ago, but I remember it like yesterday when she first took me to the special child and taught me how to work with him.

Me and little Pepe

What is the training process like? How long does it go on? Depending on how quick you are to learn, the training takes approximately a year if you start as a pup. As a puppy you have to learn to enjoy being with new people, in new places, being petting by strangers, playing gent…

Love is all they need

It was my last session. We had almost finished our short pilot program at a center for children who have been on the wrong side of the law. The children were told that I would be meeting them for the last time and they could share what ever they wanted. The children were so overwhelmed by the thought that I would not be coming to meet them next Saturday, that they just wanted to hug me and sit besides me. They said that I gave them a reason to be good again. Many others who came to so call 'correct' them would just scold them and expect them to be 'normal' or 'well behaved'. But with me they could be their own selves, with out pretending that they were tough and could face any danger of living on the streets or that there really is a thrill in stealing. With me they were able to get in touch with the child with in them again, the innocent child who just wants love and attention. For me and my team; therapy dog Coco, his handler Atul, my handler Aakash and volu…

Reading Buddies

Hey, its summer time again and it mean its time for one of my favorite activities; reading stories with children. What! you don't believe it? dogs can't read? They can't understand what is read out to them? hmmmm may be. But we dogs are excellent listeners. YES! We are completely attentive when a child is reading out to us. We  provide them with such unconditional acceptance that they are not afraid of making mistakes. Even if they make mistakes, we don't laugh at them or criticize them. When they read with us, they can just be themselves....
This is the theme of our program 'Tails of Joy - an Animal Assisted Reading program'. We have been conducting these programs in various schools, libraries and bookstores across many cities in India. My fellow therapy dogs who specialize in helping children to read / learn are called as Reading Buddies. They work with school counselors and special educators or story tellers to help children gain confidence or overcome fear …


Being a dog is not easy. Our senses are much more heightened then you humans. We can not only smell and hear more than you, we can also sense things that human experience. We can sense changes in your emotions, changes in your body, changes in you moods...sometimes much before you can experience it. This ability makes it possible for us to help our humans by sensing any kind of trouble or danger to their mind or body. I have known cats who can sense head ache in their human and make them feel better by licking them. I can also sense tension in my human and make her feel better better by hugging and licking her. But one of my buddy, a Labrador named Coco is a master when is comes to sensing pain and healing it. He is our Therapy Dog from Mumbai team of Animal Angels Foundation and besides doing great work for children in need, he has also been of tremendous help to his human, Meghna. Meghna and Coco are now inseparable, he is not just her baby, but a very important to her health as we…

Join us at Animal Angels Foundation

Me and my human Tanya Srivastav

I joined the Animal Angels gang about 8 years ago. I was a pup back then and didn't understand much. But this is the single most important thing that has not only changed my life but has also defined my life. My human family loves me, but they also know that this love can help someone else heal. Together we spread the love through wags and licks. It doesn't matter if you are a dog, a cat, a bird, a horse, or a fish, we all have the same quality of understanding human emotions (a bit more than humans themselves).

So join us in our mission to spread the love and healing power of us pets with those in need.

The Gentle Giant

Hello All,

This year in June, Animal Angels will be completing 9 years of providing love and comfort to people in need through us animals. I am proud to be a part of this team, and honored to be a four footed therapist. Our team has many more of these four footed therapists like me. I would like you to meet them. So now on I will also be posting 'barks' (human equivalent to blog) by my fellow therapy dogs about their experiences. This 'bark' is by Therapy dog Rex, a handsome Golden Retriever from our team in Pune. Now seven years old, he started working as a therapy dog when he was two and half. He is simply awesome and has touched the lives of many special children giving them a reason to smile.

"I remember the day about four years ago that Minal came home and watched me play, walk and listen to my family. She visited a couple of times and finally said I was the one! Ok, I figured I had cracked some test.But what? My canine senses were on high alert.
They took…